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Canadian Gaming Summit
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Food and Beverage Track

Tuesday, June 20, 2017
11:20am - 12:10pm F&B and Its Critical Role in Player Loyalty Programs

Room 116

Food and beverage is a critical part of the casino guest experience. The F&B experience differentiates your property from the competition. It helps attract, reward and retain customers.

So, are we getting it right?

Many operators struggle with determining the best business model for F&B offerings and the way in which they integrate into the customer loyalty programs. Whether you are a small community based casino operator, a Crown Corporation operated facility or a large urban casino resort, these issues are shared throughout our industry.

Helen MacMillan – Founder & Principal Advisor All-In Gaming & Hospitality Advisory Group Inc. and Founder of the Women of Canadian Gaming.

Kara Holm– Director/Partner, Play the Field
Chef Sylvain Cuerrier – VP British Columbia Chef’s Association, Instructor, Vancouver Community College, Culinary Arts Program

12:15pm - 1:05pm
Menu Optimization

Room 116

Most Canadian gaming properties have accomplished Chefs designing great menu items that are popular with patrons. Most food service professionals have heard of, but do not practice, menu engineering. Menu engineering classifies and defines strategies for menu items based on popularity and profitability with a goal to maximize margin. In this session, we will discuss how to maximize restaurant contribution through menu design and also touch on other important items to consider when designing a menu. The discussion will include capacity (is the kitchen able to produce the food in the quantity required to accommodate demand?), relevancy (are the menu offerings relevant to the guest?) and accuracy (are menu items accurately prepared, which is becoming more important as customers are becoming increasingly educated about food?). We will show examples of great and poorly designed menus and menu boards.

Session participants will leave the session armed with ideas to redesign their menus.

Jeff Dover, Principal



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