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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

10:25am - 11:10am

Embracing Technology From A Gaming Regulator’s Perspective

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As new technologies are being introduced at a reasonably rapid pace to the gaming marketplace, gaming regulators must also embrace technology and fundamentally change their approach. They must also seize opportunities to improve regulatory services by harnessing technology within their organisations.


Jean Major - CEO, AGCO

11:15pm - 12:00pm

Leveraging Technology to Strengthen and Enhance Compliance Focusing on Three Unique Perspectives

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Compliance is not a new concept to the gaming industry, however the concept of leveraging new technology to more effectively and efficiently manage compliance-related activities has not kept pace with industries. How can gaming regulators, manufacturers, and operators leverage technology tools to better develop, manage, and respond to gaming compliance requirements? What tools have others used that are leading edge and could be leveraged by other gaming organisations? This session will provide three unique perspectives: a regulators enablement of technology to better assess compliance, private operators use of technology to more efficiently manage compliance requirements, and an expert who will showcase how other industries are leveraging technology within their compliance regimes.  


Nav Sandhawalia - Principle, NS Advisory


Behram Faroogh - Partner, PwC

Peter MacAloney - Director of Regulatory Assurance, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

3:05pm - 3:50pm

Compliance & Security

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Cyber-security is no longer an issue that impacts the IT and or Security departments. Executives, General Managers and all operational staff need to be aware of the risks and threats to the sensitive data at their properties as well as the controls in place to protect this information.

Casinos collect a lot of sensitive information, such as names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s licenses, and payment card data of their patrons. This information is stored within the various systems, such as player tracking systems. Data breaches are common news occurrences these days, and the information stored on Casino networks are exactly what malicious employees and hackers are looking for. This session will provide information on threats impacting the casino industry in which fraudsters and hackers are accessing information systems and stealing data. We will also discuss the cybersecurity controls and best practices that need to be in place to protect information in the casinos custody as well as outline the importance of Cyber Education for an organization and how managing their compliance of this training is paramount.


Kevin Sweeney - Director of Security, BCLC


Andrew Jefferies - VP of managed Services, Bullet Proof Solutions

Laurie Fisher – Account Executive, GLI

3:55pm - 4:40pm

Ensuring Integrity in Sports Gaming with Technology-Enabled Assistance

Theatre B

This international panel of sport integrity experts will highlight collectively what technological efforts are currently utilised and being launched to preserve and enforce integrity in sport, thus ensuring sport gamers have full confidence in the systems and procedures with sports betting. The panel will focus on technological advances to monitor and enforce sports activities, including whistle blowing technology, trusted athlete app, data integrity monitoring and technological advances in anti-doping efforts in sports.


Michael Hershman – CEO of ICSS Group

Andy Cunningham – Director of Sportradar Integrity Services

Dale Sheehan – Director, The International Centre for Sport Security

Rod Buckingham - CFL, Security Consultant

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

10:45am - 11:30am

AML: Vigilance, Challenges and the Canadian Gaming Industry

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AML compliance continues to be a hot topic in both the global gaming industry and Canadian casinos.  More than ever, it is essential that members of the gaming industry be constantly vigilant about money laundering and embrace compliance measures that protect their organisations, the public and the industry as a whole. The topics for discussion will include:

  • What are the highlights and implications of the recommendations coming from the BC Attorney General’s independent review (the German Report)? 

  • What has been discovered in BC and is it different or similar to what is occurring in other countries facing similar issues?

  • What can the Canadian gaming industry learn from other jurisdictions when it comes to combatting money laundering?

  • What are the fundamental issues that casino executives and government need to understand in formulating best practices for AML compliance?

  • What constitutes a culture of compliance & the 8 elements of a culture of compliance?

  • What are some of the most common failures in AML compliance at casinos?  (i.e., review of any recent enforcement actions)

  • How can technology be used to assist in AML compliance?

  • What are the current priorities for federal and provincial regulatory agencies with regard to AML  compliance?

  • What sort of challenges could casino operators face in complying with regulatory changes?

  • A look ahead for the next year in casino anti-money laundering compliance.


Michael D. Lipton, Q.C - Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP


Fred Gushin -  Managing Director, Spectrum Gaming Group
Rob Kroeker - Vice President, BCLC
Derek Ramm - Director, AGCO
Marc Lalonde - Senior Compliance Officer, FINTRAC

Michele Jaggi-Smith - Executive Director, Strategic Policy and Projects Division, Gaming, Policy and Enforcement Branch

11:35am - 12:20pm

How Technology Today is Driving Standards

Theatre B

Gaming regulators are facing challenges brought on by the latest developments in technology. Rapid changes in technologies are taking place not only in casinos and online, but also in the charitable gaming world. Regulating all aspects of the gaming industry, in an era of ever-evolving technological change, is a complex endeavour. This session explores how regulators are addressing industry innovation within the limits of standards and legislation.


Donna Brewer - Director Gaming Integrity, Saskatchewan Liquor & Gaming Authority

Todd Stearns - Gaming Operational & Compliance Specialist, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
Jillian Hazel - Director, Policy and Communications, Ministry of Attorney General

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