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Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President, iPSOS
Paige Schoenfeld, Associate Vice President, iPSOS

Present day and future implications in the gaming environment told by the unique perspectives of three demographic cohorts, Generations X, Y and Z.


Gain a thorough understanding of how to leverage the distinctive needs across three generations in order to be relevant.

For many years one of the biggest challenges facing gaming entities was how to grow market share. In recent years, it has become more clear that the challenge may be shifting to ‘how to maintain share.’

In light of the changing gaming and entertainment landscape, the uncertain social and economic conditions, the increased popularity of digital and e-commerce, and the rapid rise of the omni-channel consumer, gaming entities are facing significant challenges in retaining market share as consumers age through demographic cohorts.

Join Paul Lauzon (Gen X) and Paige Schoenfeld (Gen Y) from Ipsos as they provide perspective on what XYZ differences exist and why these differences may matter to you based on national survey-based research. Specifically:

  • Get the stats on gambling participation across XYZ.

  • Understand XYZ’s union of gambling, social gaming, lottery, fantasy sports, and Esports in the context of entertainment or leisure resulting in a murkier competitive landscape for gaming entities.

  • Get to know how XYZ align on their outlooks on life, shopping behaviours, entertainment, media consumption, and communication differences.

  • Dig deep on XYZ’s views in popularity of mobile gaming, sports betting, casino gaming, or buying a draw game lottery ticket.

  • Place your bets on the likelihood of XYZ to buy an instant ticket, pay for an in-game/app feature, or sports wager.

  • Double down on differences in motivations and barriers to visiting a casino, playing the lottery, or gambling online.

Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President, Ipsos
Paige Schoenfeld, Associate Vice President, Ipsos

Tuesday June 19, 2018
8:45am - 9:45am

Exhibit Hall A and B

Presented by Global Gaming Women: How Collaboration Leverages the Opportunities Technology Brings to Casino Operations

Panelists from various roles will discuss their various challenges and opportunities in implementing technology-related programs and products and collectively discuss why it is critical to have collaboration from all groups for maximum results. 

Helen MacMillanBoard Member of Global Gaming Women

Carrie Kormos, SVP, Marketing - Gateway Casinos and Entertainment
Karen Gray, Director, Corporate Marketing and Engangment, BCLC
Cath Burns, SVP Gaming Systems

Tuesday June 19, 2018
3:05pm - 3:50pm

Theatre A

The Future of Marketing: From 4Ps and 7Ps to 15Cs and A Framework for Creating Customer Loyalty

Stowe Shoemaker, PhD Dean, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality Michael D. Rose Distinguished Chair University of Nevada, Las Vegas

This seminar will focus on how marketing has involved over the years and how this new view of marketing can help create great customer experiences and also drive profits to the firm.  Part of the new marketing is the focus on creating great customer loyalty. A way to think about creating customer loyalty is The Loyalty Circle©.  The three main functions on the circle are Process, Value, and Communication.  At different points along the circle, there are places were the customer might exit the circle and hence the relationship.  The goal of operators is to keep the customer in the circle by executing equally well the three functions of the circle.  Equality is the key to the Loyalty Circle.  If hoteliers are great on creating value for instance, but do not effectively communicate with the customer, then that customer may leave the relationship. Shoemaker will detail the Loyalty Circle and show how different hospitality and gaming companies are using this model in their daily business practices.

Stowe Shoemaker, PhD
Dean, William F. Harrah College of Hospitality
Michael D. Rose Distinguished Chair

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Wednesday June 20, 2018
8:45am - 9:45am

Exhibit Hall A and B