"Where the Canadian Gaming Industry Meets"

Webinar Series/Educational Program

2021 Webinar Series: Operate with Increased Revenue in a Post-COVID World

Presented by: Vic Merjanian, Founder and CEO, Titan Health & Security Technologies, Inc.

With Public Health driving the narrative for reopening gaming properties, join us as we look at options that include new information to help the gaming industry present a framework to government stakeholders that would empower the industry to reopen with the safest public health and safety solutions possible. We will look at innovative ways that US gaming properties have addressed public health and safety with unprecedented capabilities and concurrently maximize revenues, replenishing public reserves that support our communities.

During this webinar, Titan HST CEO Vic Merjanian will explain lessons learned in the US gaming industry, and the positive response from US and Canadian public health agencies and hear how US properties have mitigated Covid at unprecedented levels. We will discuss how the gaming industry can present public health with an innovative framework that includes privacy-centric pandemic mitigation that goes above and beyond anything previously presented.